Are you on the
Journey of Ascension?

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. The Ascension Journey

 looks different for each person. You never  completely arrive to a destination - it's a lifelong journey. It's a conscious choice to become the best version of yourself. On your Journey, it's energizing and effective to have someone you can lean on. Our intention is to create a safe space where we guide and support you in your healing. We also provide an opportunity to join a tight knit community of like-minded souls. Step into the power of your highest self and realize the divinity within  you. 


Our Intentions with Self and Soul Aligned INC is to assist as many people as we can aligning their mind, body and spirit. Every single person in the organization has the personal intention of Aligning Physical Self with Soul Self and is choosing to assist as many people as we can achieves the same. We are an Army of light works, that just continues to grow, and assist the collective on their accession journey.

The reason why we stated Self and Soul Aligned INC was to create safe space where people can find exactly what kind of assistance they needed in one locations. Also giving them the ability to  connect with people who have different expertise.  This gives the people who come to us an opportunity to be completely understood and comfortable being authentic themselves know that they are surrounded by people who have also gone through exactly what they have or what they are currently experiencing.

The way we go about assist someone looks a little different for each person. our we do have an outline of the way we move through out program. we use the chakra system heavily in order make sure we do not miss anything along the way. depending on what traumas and what natural abilities people have will also determine how we move about. There is no one shoe fit all that is we are dedicated to creating as many conscious indivduald as we can that have the ability to assist anyone they come in contact with.

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