Are you on a Journey of Ascension?

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. The Ascension Journey looks different for each person. You never completely arrive at a destination - it's a lifelong journey. It's a conscious choice to become the best version of yourself. On your Journey, it's energizing and effective to have someone you can lean on. Our intention is to create a safe space where we guide and support you in your healing. We also provide an opportunity to join a tight knit community of like-minded souls. Step into the power of your highest self and realize the divinity within  you. 

About Our Non-Profit


Our Intentions with Self and Soul Aligned INC is to assist people with aligning their mind, body, and spirit. Every single person in the organization has the personal intention of aligning their physical self with their soul self, and is choosing to assist as many people as we can achieve the same goal. We are an army of lightworkers, that will continue to grow and assist the collective on their accession journey.

Our Why

When you look around this world today, you can see so much chaos. It is a direct reflection of the chaos that most people have within their own emotional body. Our emotional bodies are directly connected to the traumas and pain that we have endured in our lives. When we focus on healing our emotional body and inner world, we are able to directly influence the world around us. We know that if enough people do this, then we can truly change the world for the better. 

How We Do It

Here at Self and Soul Aligned INC, we use the chakra system heavily as a roadmap to ensure we have cleared out the majority of traumas. This gives the person more energy to create the world they desire. Traumas and natural abilities determine our course of action. A one size fits all approach does not exist when it comes to healing. The goal is always to give the person receiving guidance the tools they need to become their own healer and sovereign being. Once someone has freed themselves, their natural impulse is to assist others in doing the same. 

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