Root Chakra

The root chakra gives us the ability to ground into Mother Earth and in our physical body. The higher we ascend, the deeper we must ground. The root chakra is the foundation of our ascension. The root chakra energy manifests in our need for logic, order, and structure. This energy orients us in time and space and to our five senses. We perceive and learn about this world through our five senses, especially as children and many of our traumas are received as children. Inner child work is an important part of healing your root chakra.  The majority of the collective is blocked at the root chakra because most people have a lot of unhealed childhood traumas.

Deeper Understanding of The Root Chakra 

 Connection with Body - How well we take care of our body and how connected we are to it

Connection with Mother Earth - Understanding we must be rooted into Mother to ascend higher 

Your Environment - Decluttering your environment; Clear space, clear mind

Survival Center - Understanding your fears

Fight or Flight - Knowing your tendencies will help on your journey 

Connection to Ancestors - We carry burdens of our ancestors, their challenges, and triumphs.

Carries Ancestral Memories - This is stored in our Dominant DNA the more you heal the more you will clear this 

Negative Impacts of a Blocked Root Chakra 

Here are some of the ways the blocks in our Root Chakra would manifest in your physical life both emotionally and physically. Know you are not stuck with these negative impacts. Once you gain clarity around your mental blocks and understand why they are there, you can take the steps you need to free yourself from the impact they have on your life. 

Symptoms Your Chakra is Blocked

Parts of the Body Affected by The Root Chakra

  • The base of the Spine

  • Legs

  • Feet

  • Rectum

  • Immune System

Diseases or Illnesses caused by Unbalanced Root Chakra

  • Chronic lower back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Varicose Veins

  • Rectal Tumors/Cancers

  • Depression

  • Immune-related disorders

Main Focus Points When Healing the Root Charka

  • Parents - Do mother and father healing

  • Childhood - Understand your childhood and doing Inner child work

  • Body - Clear your body of toxin  

  • Nutrients: Practice mindfulness when eating